We walk outside the line challenging the typical, cumbersome, tired, old design paradigms.

Paradigm #1: We need to call on Chicago, NYC or LA for great design. 

Hang up and give us a call. We worked at top firms in Chicago as the Rock Star designers. We jetted across the country designing all types of projects. Take a walk outside the line with us.

Paradigm #2: Buy our furniture and the design is free.

Good luck with that. Our business model is not based on selling furniture or free service. Simply put, great design and service are not free. A Harley is not free. Take a walk outside the line with us.






Paradigm #3: I have to use the building architect because they know the building better.

Really? Are they on a first name basis? We think knowing you is a priority. You and your company hold the cards here, not the building. Take a walk outside the line with us.

Paradigm #4: The building owner said I have to select from three building standard finish palettes.

That is great if you want to look like the guy next door. Garanimals don't work in designing innovative spaces. We know you and/or your company are unique, not standard. Take a walk outside the line with us.



Paradigm #5: Bidding to multiple general contractors far along in a project gets me the best value

Talk about old design paradigms. This one is ancient and still practiced. We don't work this way. We work with the AIA Integrated Project Delivery system. Assemble your best team at the begining; general contractor, furniture dealer, and consultants. Track budgets, schedule, design, long lead items throughout the project. You get better communication, greater value for your dollar, quicker schedules, more time spent on innovative and unique design. A smoother run project with buy in from all parties. Take a walk outside the line with us. 

More to come...