What is Think Drawer? Our story.

Growing up, we had a large gray metal drawer in the kitchen (think St. Charles cabinetry circa 1948). My mom called it the "Think Drawer." This magical drawer was filled with everything: paint, crayons, glue, construction paper, blocks, yarn, puzzles, Tinker Toys, glitter, discarded egg cartons, farm animals, Matchbox cars, pencils, beads, and popsicle sticks. It was the panacea for a rainy day. My brothers, sisters, friends, and I learned to use both sides of our brain - all the while thinking we were JUST playing together.

At Think Drawer, the toys (some of the oldie but goodies are still here) may now be called tools, but the experience of sharing creative thought, and learning from each other while having fun remains.

We believe everyone, every business has a story, a personality (or two or three), a vibe, a brand. We help you define these characteristics and, more importantly, design ways that highlight, celebrate, and share these within your space.

Whether you have an office, a restaurant, a store, a fitness club, a condo, a hotel, a reception desk, interior re-branding or anything in between give us a call.


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